Church Warden, ELLISFIELD




My family came to Ellisfield nearly 45 years ago and throughout that time all of us  have been involved in many organizations and activities in  the village.  Although Ellisfield is spread out across a number of small hamlets, it feels like one village with all the advantages of space and a wonderful community spirit. St Martin’s, although on the Northern boundary, is the center of many activities, as it has been in the past and will be in the future. 

I retired from working as a Member of the London Stock Exchange a number of years ago and now enjoy having much more time at home. I keep in contact with my old firm as I run their alumni organization. Over the years, I have helped a number of organizations with their investments and helped charities to raise money for good causes. I am on the Court of a Livery Company in London. I was brought up enjoying Field Sports of all descriptions and ski in Europe at least once every year.

I was first elected as Church Warden in 1998 and am on the Parochial Church Council for the Parish of Farleigh and chair the District Church Council for St Martin’s and St Andrew’s, Farleigh Wallop. I am a trustee of the Ellisfield Educational Trust.