A big thank you to all those throughout the Benefice who were involved with the provision of Xmas Hampers for the food bank. In addition to the regular food donations that several churches support for either the Basingstoke/Alton foodbanks we felt called to respond to the request to help with the preparation and packing of Xmas hampers to support the wider Basingstoke Church communities. We were able to make and fill  26 hampers full of special treats including Xmas puddings/cakes and mince pies as well as more standard items. 14 of these went as planned, via the Foodbank, to be distributed across the wider Basingstoke communities, but as they had  exceeded their target  we decided to distribute the remaining 12 within our own community.

       We are very grateful for the generosity of people across the Benefice of Farleigh, Candovers and Wield including support from the CVS. We have had some lovely notes of appreciation from the local recipients, so many thanks to all those who generously gave items and money to support this project.

       The need for food continues throughout the year, so if you are able to add some extras to your regular shop there are collection boxes in St Marys, St Martins and St Leonards churches.