The foodbank are working with the wider support community  to pack and distribute Christmas Hampers to  the most vulnerable families and individuals and have asked local churches for help. So as a Benefice we thought we could help by volunteering to pack 20 hampers with a set list of items containing mainly Christmas treats and luxury items. Here is how you can help:

  1. Donate items from the list below: (drop off box in St Martins Church Ellisfield)
  • Cake, eg Christmas cake, yule log
    • Pudding, eg Christmas pudding, sponge pudding
    • Box mince pies, apple pies, etc
    • Box of chocolates, biscuits
    • Hot drink, eg coffee, tea, hot chocolate
    • Tinned meat, eg ham, mince, pie
    • Tinned fruit
    • Custard 
    • Savoury sauce, eg curry sauce, pasta sauce
    • Toiletries
    • Christmas Crackers (2 per box)
    • Christmas card
  1. Donate money to purchase the items
  2. Come along and help to pack the hampers (details to follow but will be after lockdown in a Covid safe environment)


Contact details: Debbie Scholey: 01256381757