Church Warden, DUMMER




We moved to Dummer in August 1973 with a just two year old and a five-month old baby, my husband having transferred from the Birmingham branch of the AA to Basingstoke HO.

In November 1973 I was elected on to Dummer Village Hall Committee as a representative of the Young Mothers and I am still on the Committee.  It was decided to build a new hall and the old Reading Rooms were demolished and in September 1974 a new hall was opened.

When I first came to Dummer we had only very recently left the Parish of North Waltham and Steventon and joined in the Parish of Ellisfield and Farleigh Wallop.  Basil Norris was the Rector at North Waltham and Richard Rudgard lived in the Rectory at Ellisfield.  He was very popular at Easter time as he used to hand out Cadbury’s Crème Eggs to all the children! 

By 1977 I was on Dummer Parochial Church Council, the second longest serving person to date. I have already been involved with 4 interregnums. I was Sunday School teacher with Elisabeth Hutton where we implemented the Family Service and as the (mostly) girls grew older I formed a Junior Choir and Junior Orchestra. Our Advent services were always a joy as we would pick a theme, i.e the meaning of Advent in Music etc.  The Junior Choir also got the chance to sing at weddings, they were some really good years.   I hope I have a few more in me yet!

I consider it a privilege and a gift that I have been able to serve the Church, the village and the wider community.  The rewards I have reaped have been friendship and love and kindness, nobody could ask for any more than that.