Church Information - 5th December

5th December 2020

Benefice of Farleigh, Candover and Wield

Dear friends,

The “train has left the station” is a euphemism oft used to describe that something has begun that cannot be stopped – something that echoes in the experience of clergy when December begins, usually with a Christingle service, and you turn around and it’s Christmas Day, a dozen or more carol services later. 2020 is different, with so many restrictions enforced for “spatial distancing” ( that is, leaving space between you and others,) rather than “social distancing” which implies distancing yourselves conversationally and relationally from others – the latter is legal, and to be encouraged as much as possible – telephone calls/Facetime, What’sapp, Zoom, are all ways of keeping close socially, whilst not actually sharing close space.

Tomorrow there is a spatially distanced, “Nativity cum part Christingle” service in the open air at the stables behind Dummer church – limited to mainly local families from the village, to avoid intermixing with other village bubbles – with “take-away Christingles in a bag” for families to make at home; at Cliddesden there are similar “Take away Christingles in a bag” from the lych gate, whilst even more are being distributed in Preston Candover. 

Here is the link to an excellent video of a Christingle service made by Ruth and David Chattell, on the benefice website:

Christingle-at-home-bag :

Donations to the Children’s Society, who rely on this event across the country as a big source of income to support vulnerable children, can be made here:

Tomorrow’s Service links are:

David: (will be on website later)


Christmas Carol services are now planned – see below – which has been worked on by many people – thank you all for the co-operation and consultation that has gone on – it is not easy to fit everything in, and we are also limited as to how many we can safely accommodate in our buildings, hence the many open air services planned, which will mean we can sing our much loved Christmas Carols too – just come well layered!

Farleigh click here for Candover services

Saturday 19 December

  2.30                        Cliddesden          Carol service outside in churchyard


Sunday 20 December 4th Sunday in Advent

  9.45                        Dummer                Lessons and Carols outdoors

11.15                        Cliddesden          Family Carols with children’s activities

  2.30                        Ellisfield                Lessons and Carols outdoors                       


Thursday 24 December Christmas Eve

4.00                          OPEN AIR CAROLS Farleigh Wallop OUTSIDE THE FRONT OF FARLEIGH HOUSE

8.00 p.m.[to be confirmed] Dummer       Holy Communion CW MAXIMUM 35 – Book in


11.30 p.m.           Cliddesden           Midnight Holy Communion MAXIMUM 30 Book



Friday 25 December Christmas Day

8.00                        Ellisfield                    HOLY COMMUNION BCP MAX 30 ATTENDING – Book in               


9.30                        Ellisfield                Family Communion CW MAX 30 ATTENDING Book in


10.45                      Dummer               Family Communion CW MAX 35 ATTENDING Book in            



Sunday 27 December 1st Sunday of Christmas

11.00                       Ellisfield                Whole Benefice Carol Praise 


Candover Valley

Sunday 13 December 3rd in Advent

  8.30                       Bradley                   Holy Communion CW

10.00                       Preston Candover   Family Service 

  6.00                       Wield                       Evensong BCP

  6.00                       Northington              Outdoor Carols


Sunday 20 December 4th in Advent

10.00                       Preston Candover            Holy Communion CW

  4.00                       Wield                                9 Lessons and Carols in Churchyard

  6.00                       Brown Candover               Carols by Firelight in field next to church


Thursday 24 December Christmas Eve

  4.00                        Preston Candover             Carols and Crib Service in churchyard


Friday 25 December Christmas Day

  8:30                        Bradley                                     Family Holy Communion

  9:30                        Wield                                        Family Holy Communion (1)

10.15                        Wield                                        Family Holy Communion (2)

11.00                        Preston Candover                    Christmas Family Worship

11.00                        Northington                               Christmas Family Worship

PLEASE NOTE:  Open air services – please socially distance coming, staying and going.

Online services continue – for 6 December the link will be on the benefice website:

We aim to produce a “ 9 Lessons and Carols” online close to Christmas, along with the premiere of Farleigh Parish’s Virtual Nativity… an interpretation of the Christmas Story starring lots of children, on 20 December.


AND finally…Rev David Chattell writes:

“I am delighted to announce the appointment of April Carroll as our part time benefice administrator. She lives in Ellisfield, and comes to us with much administrative experience from the NHS. She will begin in January, and in the first few weeks Stephen will be working closely with her setting up the necessary files, dedicated email, phone, and computer files.

April writes, ”Hello I’m April: I moved from Alresford to Ellisfield 7 years ago and love living in the Candover Valley. I have worked for the NHS for about 40 years, and walking, cooking, wreath making, and looking after animals are just a few likes of mine. There is always a warm welcome at my home if you need a chat”! 

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David will introduce April to the various congregations and the 4 PCCs during the spring.”

With every blessing,

In His love, 

David and Stephen


Stephen Mourant,  

Associate Rector

Benefice of Farleigh, Candover and Wield, 


The Rectory, Church Lane, Ellisfield, 

RG25 2QR 01256-381217

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