Church Information - 30th January 2021

Letter no 46, January 30th 2021

Benefice of Farleigh, Candover and Wield

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Dear Friends,

Spring is almost here, daffodils are sprouting in our garden and the churchyard, and the snowdrops are bursting out in much profusion, signs that the winter is nearly over. The Scriptures use similar analogies of the seasons, as we move from one time to another: these are small signs of big hope as prayer is answered, the end of lockdown will come, vaccines will help to protect us from the virus that is across the world, but we have all been reminded of the brevity of life.

This week’s services are prepared and being uploaded: we will have three for your blessing this week, as we mentioned that the Deanery has put one service together, with a talk by the Bishop of Basingstoke, as well as David’s and Stephen’s offerings.

The Deanery Candlemas Service with Bishop David and contributions each benefice in the deanery can be found here:

Stephen’s offering, based on 2 Corinthians 1 can be found here:

David’s will be on the benefice website shortly.

For the last 50 years, our offerings on Candlemas Sunday have gone to the Lango link we have with Uganda; we had hoped to help our brothers and sisters complete the two projects we agreed on in 2017 – the Mother’s Union building and the Youth Vocations Centre in Boro Boro; the project was around £11,000 short of completion; late last year we sent £4,000 to reduce the sum to £7,000 left to find. So any contributions to that project would be most enthusiastically received – sums can be given via your PCC treasurers, and Gift-aiding them adds 25% value (so about £5,600 gift aided would reach the total – 20 people giving £280 each).

Next week: more details of how to join in on the Lent Course, or Exploring Faith course.

Please do pray for the success of the engaged couples’ evening next Saturday on Zoom – 2021 has 19 weddings currently lined up so lots to do.

Don’t forget the children’s Bible stories – and attached are colouring or puzzle sheets to go with them if you have children who want to watch and have an activity linked to them:-

Only believe – healing of woman and Jairus’ daughter    

Water changed into wine      

Jesus heals a paralysed man   

Zacchaeus the tax collector meets Jesus and is changed

Thank you again to Natalie Wood for recording these and sourcing  and making up one of the worksheets.

We are available as always for you by phone, email, zoom or a conversation in your garden.

Prayers for you all,

Every blessing,

David and Stephen

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