Church Information - 3rd April 2021

Letter no 55, April 3rd 2021

Benefice of Farleigh, Candover and Wield

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Dear friends, 

As we journey from Good Friday through the deep “low” of Holy Saturday, the experience of sadness and loss will have struck chords in most of us, touching our lives when we were bereaved, some of us suddenly and shockingly, others after long drawn-out illness of our loved ones.  But as Jesus made many promises to His disciples, predicting his wrongful arrest, dishonest trial, cruel crucifixion at the hands of professional killers in the form of the Roman soldiers, so He also foretold His mighty resurrection, which would not only make us face a different understanding for ourselves about our own deaths in due time, but also realising the living hope of our future with Him. 

Tomorrow is Easter Day, as we joyously celebrate resurrection – not only His, but ours too in due course. Services across the valley will be a sign of returning to normal, with some services outside, some inside with some limited singing as allowed. Do make the effort to come out and be part of the joyous community of those with assurance of life eternal – there are many opportunities, and we pray these will increase in the weeks ahead, as confidence returns.

We have both live and online services tomorrow – details are:

Farleigh end:-

8.00                          Ellisfield                               Holy Communion BCP

9.45                          Cliddesden                          Open Air Family Communion with Easter
                                                                             Egg hunt

11.15                        Dummer                              Family Communion

3.00                          Cliddesden                         Confirmation with the Bishop of

Candover Valley end:

  8.30                       Bradley                                Family Holy Communion CW

  9.30                       Wield                                   Family Holy Communion CW

11 .00                      Brown Candover                 Family Holy Communion CW

11.00                       Northington                         Family Holy Communion CW

11.00                       Preston Candover               Family Holy Communion CW

For all indoor services  remember to wash hands before coming, to spatially distance, use hand sanitizer on entry, and wear masks if inside unless you are taking part. (not needed outside as long as spatial distancing).

The link for the Farleigh online service for 4 April is:-

The link for Candover Valley will be on website later.

The Lent course has one more session on Wednesday evening 7.15 for 7.30 with session 8 of the Bible Course, looking at “Last Things – eschatology – the Book of Revelation.” Link is: Meeting ID: 885 3886 2923 Passcode: 750883

David and Stephen will be having some time off this coming week, but when there is an urgent pastoral need, do contact us - we are available on the phone, email, Zoom and in person at a social distance.

Every blessing,

David and Stephen



Stephen Mourant,  

Associate Rector

Benefice of Farleigh, Candover and Wield, 


The Rectory, Church Lane, Ellisfield, 

RG25 2QR 01256-381217

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