Church Information - 15th August

15th August 2020

Benefice of Farleigh, Candover and Wield



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Dear friends,

We are coming close to the end of the summer season with rather interesting hot then thundery weather. On Sunday at 11.00 a.m. we have our 7th open air service in the Farleigh end, this week at Cliddesden, and an open air at Brown Candover at the same time.

For many this has been a new experience, and we have been fortunate in the availability of a musician and electric keyboard; several have asked if we could do more of these – weather permitting yes – maybe in September.

This weekend there is one online service and this is the link  -; the story of Jonah.

We are considering whether we should stop online services at the end of the month, as we have restoration of relatively normal service patterns;  the time commitment for preparing an online service is quite large – perhaps you may not have thought about the details of making them: writing the script/running order/sermon, recording the hymns, contacting people to record readings and prayers, downloading readings, prayers, clips from digital cameras, editing and numbering each clip, sending them for final edit, downloading, uploading, sending link to webmasters, plus prayer times reflecting and thinking, listening to the Holy Spirit to guide us, as well as trying to be relevant in these rather difficult times. Usually we would prepare the talks only, as others sort readers/prayers: it has been with joy as we have been pushed to learn new IT skills – maybe something here about the future, when staffing levels drop for the benefice – who knows, live broadcasts for simultaneous services run from one place, sent to other buildings- we may be surprised where God may lead us!

Please do let us both know whether you would like us to continue with weekly online services, or whether we can all make the effort to return to corporate worship together. We are very aware of the fears that a number still harbour over the possibility of getting the virus by attending worship: given that supermarkets have had few cases, if any, on their staff in the last few months, despite being daily in the public space with people milling around them, and up to the other week, mask free, we do need to keep in perspective that with common sense and care it is highly unlikely that anyone will catch anything – sitting in alternate pews, hand sanitizer, common sense should be easy to maintain.

The current statistics of infection for Basingstoke and Deane are 2 per 100,000 – so about 5 out 250,000 – which is half the national average.

Oxdrove and Hill and Dale are both back in production, the latter soon to be under new editorship, so service information should be fully back to normal by the end of September we pray.  Thank you for your prayers: David has been unwell this week so please pray for his full recovery – foot out of surgical boot now but a bug laid him low midweek – he would value your prayer support.

Don’t forget you can actively join in the weekly prayer times on Wednesday mornings 9.00 to 9.30 a.m. on Zoom – although this coming week there is ongoing maintenance by SSE in the Ellisfield area and we’ve been informed of power off 9.00 till 4.00 on Wednesday 19th August, so it may be held face to face in Ellisfield church instead this week – contact


May God bless you all,

With our prayers and greetings,

David and Stephen