New Wine Break Out

From 30th July to 3rd August there is a great opportunity to join with a Christian Conference called New Wine, which this year is online and free, called New Wine Break Out. No camping, no mud and rain and no hefty journey or price tag. All free. 

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We do recommend it whole heartedly. As a family we have attended annually over 20 years and have really valued the teaching and opportunities for growing in faith. 


The main programme includes a mix of celebrations, worship, Bible teaching, TED-style talks, sofa sessions, live webinars and more. Many topics are covered including mental health, parenting and bereavement etc.  Some internationally renowned speakers are in the line up, including two bishops and the Archbishop. 

Some highlights- Sunday evening in the Arena venue - Paul Harcourt (is leading with Justin Welby (Archbishop of Canterbury) 8pm.

Also there are 3 seminars on Apologetics- (reasons for  belief)  called; 

  Does science leave room for God in a pandemic world? - Ruth Bancewicz 

 What does success look like to God? - Emma Ineson (Bishop of Penrith)

 Is God fair? - Sean Doherty (Bristol Theological College Prinicpal)

No registration, no account needs to be made, all free- do have a look. If you don’t like the music- you can skip that bit- and if you do like it- we are free to sing along at home! 

Events are on live - but then available to watch at your own timetable- on you tube afterwards.


Link to printer friendly timetable  here

Also separate activities for;


Youth Luminosity