Prayer Diary 29th December to 14th February

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Dear friends,

As Christmas Day approaches tomorrow, we have had a year of difference: so much has changed for the moment, and sadly we have been fed a diet of fear repeatedly, which has led to many afraid to open their front doors. Walking with Jesus Christ brings deliverance from fear, for fear as 1 John says is to do with punishment: we are free people, forgiven, justified by faith in Jesus Christ, and there is nothing to be afraid of; setting our minds and hearts on "things above" as Colossians 3 puts it, gives us an eternal perspective and a "long view"; the fear of death, universal according to Hebrews, is something from which Jesus has delivered us, so we do not need to fear, although at the same time we are called to live life cautiously, with common sense and a respect for health hazards.

Our readings for the next 6 weeks continue in Isaiah in the Old Testament - Isaiah's vision of the renewed earth looking forward to when Christ returns in His glory; and then we travel into the minor prophets Hosea and Amos - were these two just social reformers or challenging the people of God to return: Hosea's graphic marriage failure with a wayward wife was to illustrate the unfaithfulness of God's people to obey God's Word - so like our nation today. We then dip into Ecclesiastes - well worth a read!

Our New Testament readings journey through a little of John's gospel with Jesus early ministry, then on to John's first letter, then we start on Paul's first letter to Corinth, such an up to date appraisal of today's society and church, morals and marriage. In February we return to John's gospel with some reflection on the cross as we approach Lent.

May He bless you as you follow the readings, and use the prayers: increasingly I am concerned for the trajectory of some big moral issues that impinge upon us - the "slaughter of the innocents" we read of in Matthew 2 is repeated more than 200,000 times a year in our nation - the killing of the unborn with no thought for their rights and for what it does to their mothers is something that is the consequence of treating sex as something casual and disconnected with relationship, marriage and family life - whilst some are forced into lifestyle choices that damage the emotions for ever. It is a symptom of the ever increasing rejection of truth and Jesus in our world and nation - and there is a consequence.....

We pray for mercy, truth, godliness and hope to return.

May He bless us as we pray, and may you each one have a blessed and joyous celebration of our Saviour's birth despite the circumstances of 2020.

In His glorious name


Stephen Mourant
Associate Rector 

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