Prayer Diary 4th October to 15th November

Download the latest prayer diary here : Sunday 4th October to Sunday 15th November

Dear Friends

Attached is the latest Prayer and Bible Reading diary for October 4 to November 15 2020.

The Old Testament readings continue in 1 and 2 Kings first, tracing the rise and fall of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, the north not ever having a good king, leading to their dissolution in 721BC, and the south with a mixture of good and bad kings - look out for the verse speaking of one of the kings,"He died, to no-one's regret."

Later we go on into Daniel, and the best book I've ever read on Daniel is "Against the Flow - the inspiration of Daniel in an age of relativism" By Professor John Lennox of Oxford University - these are the sorts of books we should all be reading to stretch us in our understanding of both Bible and culture (Eden Books can supply it and others of John Lennox' books).

Our New Testament readings continue in Acts, tracing the development and growth of the Early Church, and then Paul writing to the Philippians, the place where the first Christian convert in Europe lived - Lydia. Then we dip into Paul's first letter to Timothy the pastor, and then on into Revelation as we read of Jesus' letters to the 7 churches of Asia.

Our prayers include praying for the diocese of Winchester: the financial situation is serious as so many parishes have been unable to meet their payments due to the effect of the virus; clergy jobs will go, and this benefice will be affected as well, so please be praying that God may change the situation, provide for the most important assets the diocese has, - it's clergy, the "boots on the ground" who care, minister, lead and encourage the people.

Pray earnestly, pray frequently, pray constantly, with much thanksgiving.

Every blessing,



Stephen Mourant
Associate Rector 

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