Prayer Diary Sunday 18th July to Monday 30th August

Download the latest prayer diary here : Sunday 18th July to Monday 30th August

Dear fellow prayer partners,

The latest edition of the prayer diary with daily Bible readings is attached which covers from this Sunday 18th July to the end of August. 

Our Old Testament readings continue in Ezekiel, a prophet whose visions are peculiar only to him, but which also has that vision of the valley of dry bones coming to life - a wonderful picture of God's Holy Spirit bringing life to where there appears to be little life at all - a vision of God's reviving what appears to be lowly and dead and bringing hope to God's people; then we move on to Proverbs, a book not read enough in the lectionary on Sundays - with some graphic reminders of how to conduct ourselves, and warning us of who not to keep company with. 

Our New Testament readings include finishing off Paul's second letter to the Corinthians, then the letter of James, and then back to Mark's gospel.

You will also note the many weddings and baptisms in August - some of which is a catching up after the lockdowns - do pray for David and I as we navigate busy weekends that we deliver well in our ministries.

This will be the penultimate Prayer Diary I shall be producing as I retire from post at the end of September; I know one person is considering whether to take on this ministry - but nothing is certain. It may be others of you have valued and profited from this, both with the Bible reading sequences, and praying for issues local and national: if anyone has a calling to continue this, please do offer; if not, then this will stop, but maybe God will raise others up to do something similar, or we all use something obtainable online - there's Nicky Gumbel's "Bible in a Year" app, which can be delivered daily to your inbox, or you can get the "app"; There's UCB (United Christian Broadcasters) who produce an excellent daily reading booklet and thought for each day; Scripture Union, the Bible Reading Fellowship, Radio Bible Class (RBC) and others can offer you even better resources than that which I have provided - please do follow up on these as it does enhance our daily walk with Jesus, and enables a level of unity as we pray for one another across the benefice. 

Every blessing



Stephen Mourant
Associate Rector