Prayer Diary 15th February to Easter Day, 4th April

Download the latest prayer diary here : Monday 15th February to Easter Day 4th April

Dear all,

Attached please find the next edition of the daily prayer and Bible readings for Feb 15th to Easter Day.

Our Old Testament readings take us through Jeremiah, the "weeping prophet" who spoke God's Word to the southern kingdom of Judah, repeatedly warning them of their apostasy and rebellion against God's law and ways - a perennial message down thousands of years, that there are always dire consequences if we choose to ignore the ways of righteousness, truth and love.

Our New Testament readings take us through John's gospel, revealing Jesus in a different light to the three "synoptic gospels" - and these lead us into Holy Week - hopefully when we will be back in our churches for worship instead of afar - and if the weather picks up as usual in spring, we may have some more outdoor services again.

Our prayers cover a wide range of issues too..

Every blessing.


Stephen Mourant
Associate Rector