APCM 2022 Reports

Reports for the APCM


1. Reports and Financial Statements for the year ending 31st December 2021

2. Budget for the year 2022

3. APCM Minutes April 2021 

4 APCM Agenda May 4th 2022 see below:



Parish of Farleigh

Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2022



To be held on Wednesday  May 4th at 7.30pm in St Leonards Church Cliddesden


  1. Worship and prayer- David Chattell
  2. Apologies for absence- Debbie Scholey
  3. Minutes of 2021 Annual meeting (circulated by e-mail): for approval

 Proposal: to accept the Minutes as a true record of the meeting.

 Matters arising other than on agenda: -

  1. Notification of Churchwardens:
    • Names of those selected at DCCs, and by whom nominated and seconded
    • Prayer for the new Churchwardens
  2. Electoral Roll 2022 (revised as necessary from the  2021 version)
    • Numbers of residents and non-residents. Changes.
  3. Annual Report on the proceedings and activities of the PCC – (written report included with the Accounts)
  4. Verbal reports:
  1. “Hill and Dale” Debbie Scholey
  2. Safeguarding Officer report Caroline Cazenove

(b) Churchwardens’ reports on the fabric, goods and ornaments of the Church.

  • St Martins- Bernard Cazenove
  • St Andrews- Oliver Lymington
  • St Leonards- Lynda Plenty
  • All Saints- Lyn Hardy
  1. Financial statements/report of the parish –To receive the Accounts of Farleigh Parish for the financial year January to December 2021.
  2. Report of the proceedings of Deanery Synod - TBC
  3. Election of PCC members (all of whom must be nominated and seconded by laity eligible to vote whose names are on the electoral roll)- David Chattell
    • Elected PCC members to stand for prayer
  4. Election of Deanery Synod representatives –Three people for a three-year term – who are automatically PCC members. (all should be nominated and seconded by laity eligible to vote whose names are on electoral roll)- David Chattell
  5. Appoint the independent examiner.- Eamonn Harding
  6. Rector’s report (setting the scene for the year ahead)- David Chattell
  7. Questions from the floor (NB. only those on the Church Electoral Roll may speak publicly)
  8. Prayer and blessing. David Chattell