Easter Lego Challenge

…LEGO through Easter challenge

Each day read a bit from the bible account of Easter and make a model to show the story – below you will find short bible passages for each day and ideas for Lego models.  Take a photo of that day’s scene & send it to Benefice_Lego@outlook.com. We will put a selection on our website to share. For safeguarding…Keep faces out- just Lego!

Download a printable pdf copy of the suggestions here.

Sunday 5 April PALM SUNDAY Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey

Matthew 21:1-11

suggestions; Palm trees, crowds, leaves, donkey, cloaks?, arches of a town to enter…


Monday 6 April The Last Supper and Judas betraying Jesus

Luke 22:1-23 

suggestions; table, cups, bread, 12 disciples, money?


Tuesday 7 April Jesus prays and is arrested

Luke 22:39-53

suggestions; garden scene, night time, soldiers, swords, handcuffs


Wednesday 8 April Peter denies Jesus, cock crows

Luke 22:54-62

suggestions; chicken, girl, fire, courtyard of houses, Peter


Thursday 9 April MAUNDY THURSDAY Pilate addresses the crowd who call for Barrabbas to be freed

Luke 23:1-25

suggestions; Pilate in royal robes, wash basin, crowd, Jesus, prisoner- handcuffs


Friday 10 April GOOD FRIDAY  the crucifixion of Jesus and the thieves

Luke 26-49

suggestions; 3 crosses-? sticks, green hill, soldiers, Jesus, 2 thieves, women


Saturday 11 April EASTER EVE Jesus is buried in the tomb

Luke 23:50-56

suggestions; make a cave like tomb, bed, cloths, soldiers, cave stone to seal, flowers,


Sunday 12 April EASTER DAY The women visit the empty tomb

Luke 24 1-12  

suggestions; make a cave, cloths, women, 2 men like angels


Monday 13 April  EASTER MONDAY The road to Emmaus

Luke 24:13-33

suggestions; 2 travellers, road, house, table, bread and wine,

(original credits to; https://www.proverbialhomemaker.com/easter-story-lego-challenge.html)