Pentecost Art Exhibition 2015

Over the Whitsun Bank Holiday Weekend in May, St Mary’s Church, Preston Candover, was transformed into a ‘Pentecost Art Exhibition’ to celebrate the season of Pentecost.

There were displays from school children from Preston Candover Church of England Primary School- they had been studying Pentecost in their RE lessons and made flame paintings overlaid with words of what the Holy Spirit brings into our lives. Another class persevered to create origami doves which were scattered around the art displays.

Prayer Doves hung from the ceiling above the steps, complimented beautifully by an abundant display of cow parsley. There were many beautiful floral displays which enhanced the colours of the art work on display.

The creations of children and adults from T@5 were also displayed amongst the professional art- some of which they had been studying. One piece called ‘Indwelling’ by Sue Newham, was the inspiration for a huge collage and a great discussion on refreshment, the imagery of water and the part God’s Holy Spirit plays in our lives. 

Worship artist Sara Lane, lent us her original canvases for display- a pair of doves- ‘Bringing Peace’, ‘Bringing Hope’ as well as a stunning large canvas. Other professional art was kindly lent by Veritasse, a Christian Art Company- we were able to borrow a number of prints that helped to illustrate the grace of God, the outpouring of his restorative Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit brings life and renewal. Local Calligraphy artist Susie Dean created an enormous copy of John 3 which still hangs in the church and has been much admired. 

There were displays and explanations of the person and work of the Holy Spirit to help people engage with the Bible  and to see the promises of comfort, of life, of renewal, of revelation, of refreshment that the Holy Spirit offers us. 

Alongside the exhibition there was a ‘Have a go’ table- with activities to try out, drawing some fruit – thinking about The Fruit of the Spirit, or creating a collage. Out in the churchyard there was a quiet space amongst the trees to contemplate the Holy Spirit as a wind, with windmills and streamers in the trees- along with the popular bubbles.

From the feedback we have received, many people enjoyed spending time looking at the art, being able to dwell on it and being led into times of quiet, contemplation and for some prayer. 

We have plans for another display for later in the Autumn, to invite all to come and see- watch this website for news.