Prayer Diary

Download the latest prayer diary here : September - November 2018


Our readings from the Old Testament are sourced from some of the Wisdom literature - Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job, and then we jump back into the epistles - Galatians, written by Paul to correct their wrong grasp of the law relating to Christian behaviour and practice - they had drifted into legalism, and some insisted that to be a Christian you had to be circumcised; legalism raises its' head in every generation, but Paul rightly confronts it - it is by grace through faith we have peace with God, not by being rule keepers; yet the law is important for once we walk in the Spirit (ch 6) we will be joyously in full obedience to the law of love.
Our readings then move on to those other brilliant epistles, Ephesians and Philippians, which give great teaching on application of Christian teaching to life.
Our gospel readings  stick with Luke all the way through these next 6 weeks, a gospel written by a Gentile, a doctor whose insights into Jesus' healing ministry deserve greater study and also to do as well...
Please encourage others to use these short readings and prayers - it is as we pray together that God speaks and unites us.

Every blessing