Prayer Diary

Download the latest prayer diary here : April - May 2019

The first readings jump around a fair bit leading up to Easter, as we have Old Testament scriptures foreseeing the sufferings of Jesus and His crucifixion; following Easter Day first readings focus on Acts where the thrust of the apostles' preaching always included the resurrection of Jesus, without which of course there is no gospel. Our second readings take us through John's gospel leading to Easter Day and then we jump around a bit in all 4 gospels until returning to John for the next few weeks.

Prayers include the start of the wedding season - with 20 weddings this year we are hugely bucking the national trend of less church weddings: quite why is difficult to ascertain - lots of folk locally perhaps have more faith connection and want a church wedding, some may be drawn to the depth of commitment that a church wedding brings: we have 8 bookings already for 2020, so maybe the trend will continue!

Every blessing