Prayer Diary

Download the latest prayer diary here : November - January

The Old Testament readings work through Daniel - a fascinating book of truth and prophecy (if you want a brilliant book explaining Daniel, I very highly recommend "Against the Flow - The inspiration of Daniel in an age of Relativism" by Professor John Lennox -ISBN 780857216212- utterly superb book). We then move into the great prophet Isaiah, as we are moving towards the coming of Jesus, so prophecies being pronounced and then fulfilled; our gospel reading continue for a while in Luke , where we've been for a couple of months or more with both daily and Sunday readings, and then we go into Matthew for a while. Later, in January we return to working through the shorter epistles, having read 2 John and 3 John recently we go into 1 John.

I hope your prayer lives are much enriched by joining in with others around the benefice praying together: if there are events that should be included, it is an oversight on my part or I have not had notification - so let me know if there are things which should be included...

Every blessing