Prayer Diary

Download the latest prayer diary here : January - February

Old Testament readings focus on Genesis for much of the next few weeks, with a week in Leviticus, while in the New Testament we travel through Matthew, then the pastoral epistles, so called as Paul was writing to Timothy and Titus, young pastors of big churches (Timothy pastored the church at Ephesus, reputed to have been 50,000 strong at that time - far bigger than the membership of Winchester Diocese's parishes put together - no wonder he was stressed and had frequent stomach ailments as Paul mentions!). We then move through the short letter Philemon, then into Galatians.
Prayers focus on some of the known activities of the parishes as well as praying for God's blessing on people who serve us.

I hope your prayer lives are much enriched by joining in with others around the benefice praying together: if there are events that should be included, it is an oversight on my part or I have not had notification - so let me know if there are things which should be included...

Every blessing